MANGALORE: City South MLA J R Lobo urged public to cooperate with City Corporation employees to keep the city clean here on Thursday. He made the appeal during the waste segregation campaign and dustbin distribution programme organized by Mangalore City Corporation and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board at Balmatta on Thursday.

Lobo said in recent years large quantity of waste is being generated due to increase in number of apartments in the city and more use of plastic. He requested public to avoid use of plastic.

“Every individual should have an emotional bonding with his/her city, only then can the city be kept clean,” he said. Pointing out to the lack of residential associations, he said: “In the recent past, there were around 50 residential associations in the city, at present we can find hardly four to five associations. Residential associations will help to develop and maintain proper infrastructure facilities,” he said and urged residents to rebuild the associations.

Lobo distributed dustbins to residents of Orchid apartments and other individual house owners of Ward 40.

Wilma Britto, a resident of Arya Samaj Road, said: “I use to drop wet waste on our back yard as compost for banana and onion plants. Sometimes it was stinking and was difficult to segregate wet and dry waste, as I use to fill in a same bin.”

MCC commissioner Shanady Ajith Kumar Hegde said Ward 40 was the second ward to get waste management. The corporation has already implemented the programme in Managudda. “If the programme is a success, then we will implement it in all wards of the city,” he said.

A C Vinay Raj, elected representative of Court Ward, said: “e-waste management is as important as wet and dry waste management. e-waste not only harms the environment, but also causes serious health problems when dumped in empty land.”

Courtesy: Times of India