MANGALORE: Mangalore MLA U T Khader, who assumed charge as health and family welfare minister, did not waste much time to show that he meant business on Monday visiting the Central Market and other areas which needed a through clean up by the city corporation.

While Khader was shocked at the situation, Mangalore City South MLA JR Lobo who visited the market almost at the same time was enraged looking at the prevailing situation. He told TOI: The place needs a thorough overhaul. I have told health department officials to clean up their act within a week. I will visit the market again and see how the situation is and if needed I will crack the whip.” He said that the city was waiting for a disaster to happen.

Khader and Lobo were particularly peeved at the cleanliness aspect which was sorely missing. The drains near the meat market had worms crawling, which filled both the elected representatives with horror.

My immediate goal is to bring about hygiene at the market. Later on, I will chalk out plans for a modern market,” he said.

The visit of these two dignitaries filled the vendors with joy who till now had been at the receiving end of the authorities despite paying required fee to set up shop and sell their wares.

Courtesy: Times of India