Mangaluru: May 30, 2015, DHNS

MLA J R Lobo promised to provide a space for the organic producers to sell their produce at the Kaikamba-Bikarnakatte and Alape markets after its renovation.

Speaking at the inauguration of three-day organic, siri dhanya, food festival and launching of Millets-ragi malt for babies organised by the Desi Uthana Associates, Pranava Yoga mattu Prakruti Chikitsa Kendra and Sri Basava Enterprises here on Friday, he said “we are planning to organise shandy every week at Pilikula. A space will be provided to the organic producers to sell their produce during shandy market.”

He lamented that the present generation does not have knowledge on locally available fruits like kokum and “karandekai,” “thimare chutney.” Majority of the youth go after fast food. There is a need to create awareness on naturally available fruits and instead of consuming kalaberake food.

Savayava Krishika Grahaka Balaga President Addoor Krishna Rao said that the organic producers should ensure that quality is maintained while selling the produce. “Without maintaining the quality, there will be no difference between the food crops grown organically and using chemical fertilisers. In the name of desi produce, many sell adulterated produce for making money. Hence, the producers and buyers should be cautious while buying organic produce. The vegetables required by a household can be cultivated in the kitchen garden or at the roof top terrace. Organic produce are way of life which have been followed by our forefathers several years ago. To promote soya oil, a section of the society and producers propagated against coconut oil which is consdered as virgin.”

Sahaja Samrudha organisation President N R Shetty said that around 2,000 farmers are producing the crops organically and selling it through Sahaja Samrudha across the state. “We do not promote genetically modified or hybrid seeds. Instead, we promote desi varities which are known to have medicinal values in it. There are 700 varieties of “desi rice” grown by farmers even to this day. Rice is divided with the properties of medicinal values , aromatic value and for daily consumption.

“Millets are health foods. They offer a huge nutritional boost to populations residing in dry land areas. Millets are rich in antioxidants and micronutrients, and thereby help to maintain good immunity and other physiological functions. They have proved to be a useful diet for diabetic people.”

Food should become our medicine and not vice versa,” he added. Naturopathy expert Dr Rafeeq said that nature decides what fruit should be eaten in which month. Jackfruit is the most organically grown fruit, he added. The locally available vegetables and leafy vegetables grown organically improves our immunity system.

The menu for the eatables included foxtail millet (navane) curd rice, finger millet (ragi) halva, and proso millet (baraga) bisibele bath, kempakki payasa, mango chitranna, mango thoku, amritha panaka, mango thambuli, millet dosa and so on.

Curtesy: Deccan Herald