Mangalore,May.04: North East People Association Mangalore (NEPAM) holds candle light vigil in front of City Centre in Mangalore. Mangaloreans also came out in support of Nepal victims that has affected by an Earth Quake. Students from all over Mangalore came to support for the cause and attribute to the people who have suffered. The program was initiated by the NEPAM . The 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred on Saturday and caused the death of more 5400 people and injured 11000 people as of Thursday according to Nepal’s National Emergency Coordinator Centre.

J.R Lobo ( MLA) address the gathering and said Great disaster has stuck Nepal, he also stress that it is our duty to helped our neighboring country as this will help us to live well too. Nepal is a country in the middle of nature. Let us joined together and pray for the people, families who has lost their loved ones, and the recovery of Nepal, and prayed that the people will have the strength to bear the disaster.

They also gathered funds from the students and visitors of the mall who volunteered contributions for the victims.

Kaine Cecilia, the Advisor of Nepam said we pay our due respect and condolence to those who have lost their life in the devastating disaster, and said it is our moral and human responsibilities to contribute to the people of Nepal in whatever small way we can.

Kenie Seno a student also said humanity is the best policy, to help the people in need today and tomorrow it will come back to you. She also said by donating, you help back the life of Nepal again.

N.L Simte a student said a small piece of contribution can make a lot of difference, every penny counts. we are unable to physically support them we are trying to raise funds for the aids of the people.

The association of Nepam got into contact with a victim of the disaster in Nepal, Sanjay Lama who said on the phone that he is fine. But they have no place to stay and are hence sleeping outside in the playground. They have to be saved and be prepared for the outcomes.

Courtesy : Kannadiga World