Mangaluru, 18 Apr 2015: The state administration through public works department released Rs 6 crore towards laying hanging bridge between Tannirbavi and Sultan Battery, said Mangaluru south MLA J R Lobo.

Addressing the media persons here on Friday April 17, MLA Lobo said, ‘The above project was hanging in doubt and I wanted to the see the light when the project becomes a reality. The hanging bridge of 410 meters long and 10 feet wide will be laid above 25 feet of water along Tannirbavi and Sultan Battery. The proposal was made towards this project in 2006; the work began with Rs 1 crore by tourism department in 2008. The further work stalled owing to lack of funds,’ said MLA Lobo.

MLA Lobo with his efforts in securing state funds convinced the state authorities to hand over the project to public works department as tourism department is unable to provide huge amount in realizing the project.

The public works department has released first installment of Rs 6 crore towards this project, while the work will begin at the earliest. The second installment of Rs 6 crore will be released on next phase, added MLA Lobo. He also assured the hanging bridge will be completed in 2 years.

Courtesy: Bellevision