Mangaluru: Under the leadership of senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary, hore Kanike was carried in a procession to Syed Madani Dargah from the Nehru Maidan here on April 19.

The procession was flagged off by B Janardhan Poojary by breaking the coconut. Speaking on the occasion Janardhan Poojary said, “Ullal Dargah is a Holy Mosque, It is the second holy Mosque in India after Ajmer Dargah. People from all walks of life come here. Whoever goes there and prays their prayers will be answered. Every five years they celebrate Urus and it is celebrated in a grand manner. I had tried to release Rs 2 crore to the Urus from the State government and the Chief minister has released the same amount. From Kudroli temple we are donating 147 rice sacks. We follow the teachings of Bhrama Guru Narayana. We all are God’s children, God is one and we all believe in one God. Everyone has respect for Ullal Dargah.

Congress party workers from the Ullal constituency have donated 225 Quintals of rice and Mangalore South Constituency under MLA J R Lobo’s leadership have donated 70 Quintal rice. We all have joined together to send the Hore Kanike to Ullal Dargha to retain the harmony and unity among the people. In Kudroli area most of the people were Muslims and they come to the temple to pull the chariot. But now the time has changed, there is enmity among the religions. We need peace and harmony, if we need development we need peace. We are all one. Poojary also donated 110 bags of salt. While concluding Poojary said that if we need to retain harmony and brotherhood we need to understand other religions and take part in their celebrations.

MLA J R Lobo, Vijay Kumar Shetty, Corporators Lancelot Pinto, Kavita Vasu, Suresh Ballal and others were also present.

Courtesy : Manglorean