MANGALORE: The Clock Tower junction near the Town Hall will soon have a state-of-the-art clock tower.

The Mangalore City Corporation had demolished the old clock tower located at the junction for road development about 10 years ago. However, it stayed alive in the memory of Mangaloreans who continued to identify the place as Clock Tower. Even the shops and commercial establishments in the area mention their location as ‘near the Clock Tower’.

Since its demolition, the city corporation had chalked out several plans to construct a new clock tower at the junction from time to time. But all their plans failed to materialize.

Now, Mangalore City South MLA JR Lobo has come out with a proposal to construct a state-of-the-art clock tower at the junction. “Our idea is to construct a clock tower that will give the city a new look. It is not necessary that we stick to the traditional design. I am in search of a good design with a modern look,” he said adding that the work could be commenced soon after the design is finalized.

The exact location will be finalized only after holding discussions with the traffic police officials. “We have not decided the exact spot yet. However, it will be in the Clock Tower junction. Funds will not be a deterrent factor and the work will be taken up soon after everything is finalized,” Lobo said adding that the new clock tower will not only beautify the area, but also will help retain the name of the place.

Courtesy: Times of India