Mangalore: MLA J R Lobo organized Christmas and New Year Celebrations “Sauharda Sambhrama”, at St Aloysius College Grounds here on December 29, where nearly 3000 people took part, including ministers, MLAs, MLCs, political leaders, priests, nuns, students and general public.

The programme was inaugurated by cutting the “Celebration” cake By Union Minister Veerappa Moily, Bishop Aloysius P D’Souza, Moulana Abdul Aziz Dharimi, Jitakamanadaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Math, District Minister In-charge Ramanath Rai, Minister U T Khader and MLA J R Lobo.

Speaking on the occasion Moulana Abdul Aziz Dharimi said, “Christmas celebration is to share the joy and happiness with one another. We are expecting New Year within the next 48 hours. Years become old but our love never becomes old. In this modern world, day by day we are losing our identity. We have to give importance to the time, once the time passes, we will not get it back, we will die one day but the clock will not stop moving, it will go on and on. We are worried about the dollar rate against the Rupee falling day-by-day, but we are not thinking that money has made us its slaves and we are ready to lose our self respect for money. Without love, the heart is equal to a Crematorium. If there is no love we cannot live, everyone needs love”.

“Every religion teaches us to love one another. Macedonian born Agnes became Mother Theresa because of her love for others, specially towards the poor. Anyone can win the race if they take part in the competitions but love will win the hearts of people. You can lose everything but you cannot lose love. Let us live for love and love everyone ” opined Dharmi. While concluding Dharmi recalled the Perne incident, of Guruvappa and Katijamma, and said “Let their love be a lesson to us because in death they also showed their love “.

Jitakamanadaji Maharaj speaking on the occasion said that Lobo is trying to bring everyone together and to bring peace and harmony in the district. Let this celebration strengthen the bond of the people and bring peace and harmony in the district. Let all the officers and political leaders work for the development of the country. Let our country prosper and peace prevail. Our country has unity in diversity. In a garden it is beautiful to see different types of flowers, likewise our country is the only one having different faiths religions and languages where unity in diversity prevails.

Minister Veerappa Moily speaking on the occasion said, “Mohammed Paigambar after waking up from sleep early morning was supposed to continue his journey, but when he woke up found a cat sleeping on his blanket. Paigambar without disturbing the cat, cut the portion of the blanket without disturbing the cat and he walked from there. This shows that we should not hurt or disturb someone for your benefit. It is not only physical injury that hurts but also mental abuse where we hurt others every minute. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to bring peace on the earth, Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his life to free us from British. We should love our country and the country which should run peacefully with trust. When we have thoughts of peace, we can be able to live peacefully in this world. Past always has the power to push you down and future has the power to pull you up “.

Bishop of Mangalore Dr Aloysius P D’Souza speaking on the occasion said, “We are all God’s children and we have to live with unity, peace and harmony. We have to respect each other and other religions. This celebration should not be only for one day. God loved the world so much that He gave His only son to save us from the fire of hell. Christmas is not only a feast of Christians but it is the festival of every religion because Christmas is a festival of love, peace, unity, mercy and harmony. Let these values take deep roots in our hearts and let peace prevail in the world. Let us all forget caste, creed and religion and celebrate this feast.”

Other dignitaries also spoke on the occasion. MLA J R Lobo delivered the vote of thanks.