Mangalore, 07 Sep 2013: The inaugural ceremony of 175 years celebrations of Basel Evangelical Mission (BEM) Educational Institutions was held at the Institutions Centenary Hall, Mission High school road here on Saturday September 7.

MLA J R Lobo unveiled the logo of 175 years on the occasion.

District Institute for Education of Teachers (DIET) principal Philomena Lobo inaugurated the programme along other dignitaries.

One-hundred-seventy-fifth celebration Committee president Walter Maben delivered the keynote address.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Lobo said those 175 years ago, 3 missionaries from Basil Mission arrived in Mangalore and started the BEM Institution here. At that time, people believed in superstitions and the missionaries strived hard to clear the misconception on superstitious beliefs. They started technical education and academics – and from the past 175 years BEM institution is rendering education to the society.

MLA Lobo further said that whoever started the BEM institution are the missionaries because if we call them visionaries, it will not suit them. Visionaries are thinking only about the future but missionaries will have the mission to fulfill the vision. We need to transform the vision into mission, for that one should have dedication in life. The missionaries started the institution under the motto of Heavens Light Our Guide.

MLA Lobo lauded the efforts of BEM teachers for helping the students to get higher marks. ‘In this modern world, education has been commercialized. Some people invest in educational institutions and get profit without thinking about the future of the students. We need schools that think about the future of the children and prepare them to face the world. BEM is a model institution that molds students who are lacking in studies,’ said MLA Lobo.

Karnataka Theological College principal Dr Hannibal Cabral inaugurated the website on the occasion. Philomena Lobo and Cabral also spoke during the programme. BEM High School headmaster Vasudeva welcomed the gathering.