Mangalore, August 28: MLA J R Lobo along with the mayor, MCC officials and officers of the horticulture department inspected the kadri park on Thursday August 28th and assured of cleaning up the park within a week.

On August 25th, a report was published on the media regarding the pitiable condition of Kadri Park turning into haunted spot of undesirable and illegal activities. Poor maintenance, lack of cleanliness in the premises and the way park had turned into a meeting place for thieves were highlighted in the report.

Along with copies of the report and photographs published in the media, J R Lobo and the mayor with their team of officials inspected the park and discussed measures to make it lively and maintain it.

Addressing the reporters, Lobo said that, “Earlier there was water problem in the park, but now it is rectified. The main problem lies in maintenance of park. Since last two months, the maintenance was very unsatisfactory”.

Further revealed that, the state government has been asked to sanction Rs 1crore for the development of the park, and this year Rs 5lakhs was released for its maintenance. “We will talk to the DC and within a week the park will be cleaned and set right”, he assured.

Stating that the park was for all, including young couples, he said, “Many youngsters come to the park, they also need space and so to senior citizens. This is a place for everyone. Adequate security has been deployed and police personnel have been coming to the park especially at night.”

Regarding the defunct toy train, he said he would speak to the DC within a week and decide suitably.

“There is electricity in the park and additional lights have been installed, but some offenders have been flicking bulbs and wires. It is also the responsibility of the public to take care of the park”, he added.

He said that even though the park is facing problems, its condition is better than earlier. About his earlier promise made in 2013 to rejuvenate the park within 15 months, Lobo said that the development work is going on steadily but due to rains the work got delayed.

Mayor Mahabala Maarla said that the toy train was operating from 1996 to 2007, but he did not know what happened later, as the file had gone ‘missing’ from the MCC. Reacting to this, the other officials said that the responsibility of the toy train had been handed over to Bal Bhavan.

He said that, “We will guide the officials in maintaining the park. We have also asked the police to inspect the park regularly in order to prevent illegal activities taking place here”.

Courtesy: kannadiga world