Mangalore: Indian Medical Associaton (IMA), Vedam Aayu Multi Specialty Hospital, Patanjali Yoga Academy and Dr. Giridhar Rao Sanjeevi Bai old age house jointly organized a free health check up and awareness programme for senior citizens and the youth on Monday, October 7 at Dr. Giridhar Rao Sanjeevi Bai old age house, Mangalore.

The programme was organized on account of ‘International Senior Citizen’s Day.’

J.R. Lobo, MLA, Mangalore, inaugurated the programme. Speaking on the occasion he said, “It is the right of the senior citizens to demand comfort and provisions from their children. It is because of their efforts that their children lead a happy and luxurious life.”

Speaking further he said, “The governmental facilties provided to the senior citizens are of negligible use to them. All that the aged expect is care and time from their children and family. Hence it becomes the duty of the youngsters to spend some time with their parents and grandparents. ”

Lobo also cited various examples to enlighten the youth in this regard.

Ajith Kumar Hegde Shanadi, MCC commissioner, said, “Celebrating Senior Citizen’s Day and other such days is a western culture. Indian culture is to respect the elders and be loyal to them. ”

“A priest during Satya Narayana Pooja asks the couple who offer the prayer to first take blessings from their parents. This suggests that parents are more important than God. But today, the elders are sent to old age home which is tragic. It is actually a boon to those youngsters who have aged people in their homes,” he added.

P. Jagdish Rao, president of Mangalore Senior Citizens Association presided over the programme.

Gokul Das Naik, assistant commisoner, MCC, Dr. Manjunath Shenoy, president of IMA, Mangalore, Olinda Pereira, director of Vishwas Old age House, Valencia, Mangalore and Srinath Hegde, president of Dr. Giridhar Rao Sanjeevi Bai, Mangalore were present among others.

Students of various colleges attended the programme and also performed a play highlighting the importance of old age and the treatment given to them.