Doha, Sep 15: MLA from Mangalore South constituency J R Lobo was enthralled at the Monthi Fest celebrations in Doha organized by the veteran Mangalorean Club, MCC on Friday September 13.

In his key note speech, Lobo expressed his gratitude for the efforts MCC is exerting in bringing the Mangalorean konkani community together, keeping it bonded as a family through the much wanted cultural activities and thereby creating a mini Mangalore in the city of Doha. He encouraged MCC to continue their service to the community to keep alive the Mangalorean culture and the Konkani language in Doha and make feel the konkani people at home.

In his key note speech Lobo expressed his thanks to all those who worked hard to get him elected to the Karnataka Legislative body and remembered that though the Konkani speaking community is a minority, people from all walks of like voted him to the office with the sole intention to bring in change. He reiterated his intention of making Mangalore a model city and second only to the Karnataka capital.

President Sunil D’Silva in his welcome speech summarized the hitherto achievement of MCC and outlined the upcoming programmes. He commended MCCs efforts of the past 21 years in celebrating the Monthi fest and novem jevaan from a meager 15 members to a whopping 700 or so people now.

Prakash Noronha, General Secretary introduced J R Lobo and club President honoured him with a shawl and memento for his selfless service to the community over the years as a Govt of Karnataka civil servant, and now as the member of the legislative body.

Fr Anand Castelino, OFM Cap, spiritual director of Konkani community of Our Lady of Rosary Church, and Stany Alvares were the guests of honour. Fr Anand in his address, he likened MCC to a roof, who provide shelter to the newly arrived in Qatar, helping them get integrated into the society and extending a helping hand to the destitute. He then blessed the roce and offered the grace before meals.

The programme started with the group prayer song from little children coordinated by Lona Pinto and Dony Lobo. This was followed by songs and dances from winners of this year’s Talent Competitions Clive D’Souza sang “Komblo”, duet dance from Ashleyn and Ashral Castelino to the tunes of “Ye go Meri”, duet song from Soad 3 Finalist and GVOM 2 and3 1st Runner up Naveen and Preema Pinto “chondrem voir anthralar”, Eva Wilma Pinto sang “chandnyachi raath moga”, Clarina Pinto sang “Shikgo Puta” while Patrick D’Souza sang “Sundari” song.. Alphonse D’Silva sang “Ye Nari Ye” popular number of Remo Fernandes accompanied with dance from Ryan Renjar, Gina Noronha, Melanie Crasto, Melroy Crasto, Andrew D’Souza and Elena Noronha choreographed by Effy Noronha, solo dance from Carol D’Cunha, duet dance from Ashlyn Monteiro and Clarina Pinto, solo Throne dance from Ronson Fernandes and a group dance from Thunder Kids group namely Ashleyn, Ashral, Ronson, Suzanne, Jade, Joshua and Nikita to the tunes of “Ya Ya Maya Ya” All performances were enjoyed and very much applauded by the audience. The crowd mood was lightened with jokes from Arthur Serrao and Bonaventure D’Souza. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dephny Lobo, Jt Facilities Secretary.

Mangalorean Medical Doctors Dr Atlantic D’Souza, Dr Ashwin D’Silva, Dr Charmaine D’Souza, Dr Glen Fernandes, Dr Ivan D’Souza, Dr Oniell Fernandes, Dr Sonia Fernandes, Dr Ranjan Mathias and Dr Aletta Reema Fernandes working in Qatar were honoured by J R Lobo for their humanitarian service to the community in Qatar.

Students who excelled in 10th and 12th class exams Venal Rhea Castelino (93.2% in 12th Commerce), Christopher Jude Pinto, Shawn D’Souza, Riya Tellis (10 CGPA in 10th Std), Rohan D’Souza (9.2), Dylan D’Souza (9.0), Bresly Danthy (8.6), Nikita D’Souza (8.6), Hazel Tellis (8.6) and Dorina Esther Saldanha in sports field were honoured by Stany Alvares, past President of Mandd Sobhann. Prize distribution to the winners of the talent competition were given away by Jerry D’Mello, Founder member and Ronald Saldanha, Vice president. The stage programme parts were conducted by Ryan Renjar -Jt Secretary, Riana Pinto- Cultural Secretary, Prabha Rego Jt Cultural Secretary.

MCC news letter ‘Sugandh’ and Harry Correa’s maiden CD as producer and Roshan Belman’s 5th vol. “Tunch Tum” was released by Fr Anand. Harry a semifinalist of Soad 3 International later said that it was possible only because of the opportunities and encouragement from MCC.

Earlier in the day, more than 75 members of the club gathered to prepare the Novem Jevaan, Roce, Vorn and the vegetables at Jerry and Leena D’Mello’s residence under the leadership of Vivian D’Souza, Jossy D’Souza and Ivy Rosario while some ladies prepared Sannas in their homes.

The program concluded with Laudate Dominum. More than 600 who packed the Al Ghazal Club were treated to a sumptuous Novem Jevaan Dinner. Roce, Sanna, Bendan, sango, gosalen, podvolen, karethen, koromb, chone, Moog and Kirl, lonchem, Shith and Saar, and Vorn.

The programme was compered by Rony Rodrigues and Sony Rodrigues. The evening ended with a Bingo game conducted by Jossy Rodrigues.

MCC Executive Committee thanks all volunteers who joined hands in the preparation of Novem Jevaan, all participants and all who supported in every way to make this program a success. May Mother Mary bless each and everyone.