MANGALORE: Even as citizens demand proper maintenance of parks, the government is considering several proposals.

People demand that more people-friendly infrastructure be made available at public parks, especially at Kadri Park, which attracts more visitors. Citizens opine that more emphasis needs to be given to ensure permanent maintenance and cleanliness. Kadri Park has a total of 14.75 acres of land, which is divided into three distinct pieces. While the main park is spread over seven acres, the remaining 1.75 acres of land is where the old deer park used to be abutting Jogi Mutt. Another six acres of the park is situated opposite NH 66. The park has ample space to put infrastructure in place.

“Weeds should be cut regularly during rainy season too. Further, all existing infrastructure needs to be maintained regularly and new facilities added,” said Radhakrishna M, a regular user of Kadri Park.

Many park users say that more development activities should be taken up based on the requirement. “No new initiatives are being taken up in any of the parks in the city. Be it Kadri Park, Tagore Park or Gandhi Nagar Park, no noteworthy development has taken place in the past several years,” said S Prajna, a student.

In fact, the government is mulling over introducing several new initiatives at Kadri Park considering the increasing number of visitors. The park will witness a Rs 5 crore makeover if everything goes as per plan.

Development works including setting up a musical fountain, increasing the greenery quotient and an improved walking-cum-jogging track are included in the plan prepared by people’s representatives. Mangalore City South MLA JR Lobo said that work is expected to complete in another one year.

The musical fountain will be constructed in the old deer park at an estimated cost of Rs 2.30 crore. A children’s play area will also be developed there. The main park with seven acres land will be aesthetically landscaped and the existing walking-cum-jogging track will be improved. The existing garden in the park will be beautified further, Lobo added.

“There are many parks in the city, but only Kadri Park has more space. Since majority of evening walkers visit Kadri Park, basic amenities should be developed and the authorities should also maintain the pavements. Safety aspects should be given importance since children and elderly people throng the park.”

Rajesh R | Event organiser

“The state government has identified the department of horticulture and Mangalore Urban Development Authority to jointly carry out the works. Progress review meeting will be held every month to ensure the quality and timeframe of the work.”

JR Lobo | Mangalore City South MLA

Courtesy: Times of India