Bangalore, Jun 13: J R Lobo, MLA representing Mangalore (south) constituency, has demanded a fresh inquiry into the incidents of church attacks in the state.

Speaking in support of the motion of thanks moved in the assembly to the Governor’s address on Wednesday June 12, Lobo pointed out that the report submitted by Justice Somashekhara Commission of Inquiry, which went into these attacks and conducted a probe for a period of two years, is full of contradictions. He asserted that in view of these things, there was a strong case of holding fresh investigation into these incidents.

“The above report has not specifically said anything about the persons and organizations involved in the attacks, or politicians who instigated them. Moreover, none of the culprits have been punished. In such a scenario, how can the people have faith in the government?” he questioned.

Lobo said that the brand image which Mangalore once enjoyed, is now facing danger from incidents of moral policing, which have given rise a situation of apprehension and fear. He asked the government to find and root out people who are indulging in goondaism in the name of moral policing.

Stating that the previous government had saffronized the text books during its term, he demanded for the dissolution of text book committees, and to form them afresh by bringing together expert educationists.