It’s a yet another milestone of Kudla and yet another feather is added to the Cap of Mangaluru City, when the First in Asia and also in India, and the 21st in the World, the State-of-the Art “3D Planetarium” named Swami Vivekananda Planetrarium, at Pilikula Nisargadhama-Mangaluru is all ready to open on March 1, 2018.

Mangaluru: Seems like the efforts and initiative of MLA J R Lobo behind this project of “3D Planetarium” at Pilikula has finally materialized, thereby making MLA’s dream come true. He was the Man behind this project, and his ideas and plans which started in the year 2008 has finally given birth to this unique project-it’s a great New Year 2018 gift to the City and DK. The people of Mangaluru and DK should appreciate the hard work and determination put in by MLA Lobo in getting this long awaited project completed. With the 3D Planetarium, Mangaluru will stand among Singapore, Shanghai, Hamburg, Bristol that have a similar facility, and the planetarium dome is done with nano-seam projection panels.

The media persons had the First glimpse of the 3D Planetarium on Saturday, 24 February, where they were briefed about the project and its features by DC Sasikanth Senthil and MLA J R Lobo during a press meet there. With its highly-advanced features, including the 8K 3D Digistar sixprojection system, the 170/180 seater planetarium will not only be a star attraction for students and adults, but also for space and astronomy scientists/researchers and enthusiasts. By the starting of this Planetarium it will make accessing information on space and astronomy more accessible for rural and semi-urban.

A few trailers of the forthcoming shows and a full length show “We are the Stars” was shown to the media, and everyone enjoyed the beauty of the show by wearing 3d glasses provided. Even DC and MLA , even K V Rao-the Director of the Regional Science Centre were among the media crowd that viewed the shows. Following the viewing, DC Senthil addressing the media persons said, ” We all need to appreciate the efforts put in by MLA J R Lobo in materializing this unique state-of-the-art Planetarium which is first of its kind in Asia and in India, and Mangaluru should be proud of it. This is indeed a scientific project, and many ideas and knowledge have been put into it in creating it. Mostly children and youth will find it very essential in their academic career. All the systems are modern and are state-of-the-art systems. Various shows will be shown, mainly in Kannada. Presently the ticket price has been kept at Rs 100, which includes admission to the 3D planetarium, and all other sight seeing facilities like Zoo, Botanical garden etc. We want people to enjoy the surroundings of Pilikula,and we want to Pilikula a Brand Name soon. “

Addressing the media MLA J R Lobo said, ” First of all I would like to thank DC Senthil, because we have used much of his technical knowledge and ideas while this project was coming up. It all happened in 2008, when me and K V Rao planned on having a planetarium at Pilikula- and during then a budget of Rs 8 crore was finalized by the technical committee. But later we came to know the cost would go upto Rs 15 crore, and very soon it went upto Rs 24 crore, which our CM agreed to sanction. And we called for a tender on this project, the total cost for the project went to Rs 36 crore. We didn’t wanted to stop, but with the help of CM Siddaramaiah and also former CM Yeddyurappa, who also had played a vital role in this project, this project has seen the light of the day”

“We have decided to employ good and knowledgeable scientific personnel for this project, so that they know how to run this planetarium. With all this development started around here, very soon it will reach to greater heights. We are also planning to upgrade our botanical garden which have various species from Western Ghats, which is not find anywhere else. Like the King Cobra lives only in this part of the world, and scientists have to come here to learn more on King Cobra-similarly there are many other animals only found in this region/state. The Coastal Development Authority would build a four-lane approach road to Pilikula from Vamanjoor Junction (NH 169) at a cost of around ₹ 5 crore; the Inner roads in the Nisargadhama would be improved at a cost of ₹ 2 crore. In a nutshell, Pilikula should be the most sought-after tourist and educational destination in the country” added MLA Lobo.

Regarding the Nano-system projection system, MLA Lobo said, “The nano-seam projection system of Spitz Inc. would make every panel flush with its neighbours instead of overlapping panels on the top of the other. Thus, every inch of the projection surface is completely uniform. Technical experts had suggested to opt for Opto Mechanical and 3D digital hybrid system and the government supported it. A gallery on astronomy and space science too would be established in the 5,200 sq ft building which will come up soon.The gallery would feature regular developments in those fields. Deputy Commissioner S. Sasikanth Senthil, who is also the Head of Pilikula Nisargadhama governing Board has helped in solving the acoustic issue in the planetarium. We all need the support of the media in particular and the general public in general for the success of the 3D planetarium. We are also planning on having a unique Aquarium at Pilikula soon- but the present Rs 15 crore sanctioned is not enough, so we are waiting for more funds, before we step into the Aquarium project”

Prasanna V- Executive Director at Pilikula Research Centre, and Abhijith Shetye of Infovision, Mumbai and K V Rao -Director of Research Centre were also present at the press meet. K V Rao speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Until now, all celestial activity was mainly by visual observation. With sace technology becoming more important in recent days, the common man, including youngsters, have come become more curious about astronomy. And by setting up this planetarium all the accessible information on space and astronomy is made more accessible. Besides, all aspects of science including Botany and Biology will be covered here at the Planetarium”.

So mark your date on your calendar for 1 March 2018- You have to be there at Pilikula 3D Planetarium to believe it and go WOW!

Courtesy: Mangalorean