Mangalore, October 14: J R Lobo, Mangalore South MLA paid a visit to the kadri park in Mangalore on Tuesday October 14th. He has come up with a unique idea of providing a special play slot for the differently abled children to have fun at Kadri Park.

Mr Lobo on his visit said, “Rs 15 lakhs have been sanctioned from the MLA fund for this purpose. People from all over the city visit the biggest park in Mangalore. The proposed special park will be very helpful for the differently abled children to have some fun. A smaller park with the same concept has already come up in Gandhi Nagar with an estimate of Rs 5 lakhs”.

Lobo was concerned about the worn-out equipment because of rust in the children’s park and said “If the public are ready to donate some funds, then we can rectify this problem.”

“I thought special children also should get happiness and fun in life. Being a parent of such a kid, I know the trauma and the pain the children experience as they are kept isolated from the society. The MLA certainly deserves praise for making my dream come true” said Kala Deepak, mother of a differently abled child, who had put forth the idea of special park for differently abled children in the presence of the MLA.

Mayor Mahabala Maarla said, “As the differently abled children are not able to engage in recreational activities with the equipments installed for normal kids, specially designed equipments will be put in place for the blind and handicapped children among others, thus ensuring that the children do not get injured while playing”.

Project in-charge is architect Venkatesh Pai. Within a span of 3 months the special park will be open to the children.

Courtesy: kannadiga world