Mangaluru, Jan 25: Daiji Dubai, a forum of Konkani writers in the UAE, celebrated its 16th anniversary with magnificence and splendour on Sunday, January 25 at St Aloysius High School auditorium in Mangaluru.

It was literally a literary function where hundreds of writers participated. After 13 initial annual celebrations in Dubai and the previous two in Udupi and Mumbai, this year was Mangaluru’s turn. As in the past, the annual function was again attended by a large audience with more participation of Konkani writers’ fraternity in Mangaluru.

Fr Denis D’Silva, public relations officer of Udupi diocese, Mark Denis D’Souza, Roy Castelino, president of Konkani Sahithya academy, Basti Vaman Shenoy of Konkani Vishwa Kendra, Nelson Rodrigues, sponsor of the MickMax award and Sunitha Menezes, convener of MickMax memorial award were present on the dais.

The function started with a prayer dance performed by Nach Sobhann. Rony Byndoor the convenor of Daiji Dubai welcomed. Stany Pinto Neerude, Hemacharya, Melvyn Rodrigues, Dayan D’Souza and Walter Nandalike, five founding pillars of Daiji Dubai were honoured during the welcome by Rony Byndoor.

MickMax Memorial Award

Daijiworld founder Walter Nandalike said briefing about the MickMax Memorial Drama Award, “Nine entries had come for the MickMax memorial drama competition which is in its first edition. Nelson Rodricks, who whole heartedly wanted to support Konkani stage, took the initiative himself to award one playwright every year. I feel this is the need of the time as old writers in some languages including in Konkani are seldom remembered by current generation.”

Nelson Rodricks presented the MickMax memorial Award for the best playwright of the year to renowned theatre artist Eddie Sequeira.

‘Gulf Sargaar Ek Sukraar’ was the drama which bagged the coveted award with a prize of Rs 50,000, citation and certificate of honour.

Eddie Sequeira thanked his friends, relatives, family and drama fraternity for their support during his drama journey of more than 40 years.

He turned emotional while recalling his association with Konkani legend Wilfy Remimbus and said, “Wilfy Rebimbus and his wife Meena always supported me. Because of them I have reached here. I humbly offer this award to late Wilfy Rebimbus as a tribute.”

MickMax’s wife Joyce D’Souza and the judges of the competition, Dolphy Cascia, John M Permannur and Arun Raj Rodrigues were honoured during the occasion.

Daiji Puroskar

Fr Denis D’sa presented the annual Daiji Puroskar to Manu Bahrain.

Manu Bahrain is the 16th person to receive this honour. The Award carries a prize money of Rs 75,000 along with a citation and certificate of honour.

Manu Bahrain thanked his colleagues his former manager from Burma who encouraged him to write in his mother tongue Konkani though the manager himself did not even understand a word of Konkani. Manu said because of the support of well-wishers he could live in forests and in the midst of nature which made him a writer of nature. He did not forget to mention his mentors the stalwarts of Konkani literature including Lobo, Alvares, Saldhana and V Rodrigues.

Late Percy Urwa’s book ‘PeperePepe Dum’

The late Percy Urwa’s book ‘PeperePepe Dum’ was unveiled during this event. Percy Urwa’s wife was also present. Rs 25,000 from the sale proceeds of the book will go to Percy’s family, it was revealed.

The book ‘Peperepepe Dum’ is a compilation of 4 dramas written by late Percy.

State of Konkani in 25 years

Fr Denis D’Sa who analysed the state of Konkani in the past 25 years stressed that he was talking about the positive part first.

The admission of Konkani in the 8th schedule, Konkani Sahithya academy, Vishwa Konkani Kendr, Mandd Sobhann, advent of new writers in Konkani and musical world, Ivan D’Souza’s initiative to speak in Konkani in legislative council were some of the best achievements of Konkani in the past 25 years, Fr Denis said. He cautioned that the list was not exhaustive.

Fr D’sa called the writers as unacknowledged legislators of the earth who are the mirrors of the society. He also said that they are the noble persons of noble thoughts.

As a priest he did not forget to mention how the church first tried to shun the media and then to use the media which had become very powerful.

Fr D’sa mentioned only the names of the great writers like J S Alvares, A T Lobo and V J P Saldhana who are no more without mentioning the living writers saying jokingly’ I want to be safe here’

Fr D’sa also made a point to say that Narcissus complex had bitten the Konkani literature world. He explained how Narcissus, a handsome Greek youth fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. Narcissus complex in psychology is considered a disorder where a person who sufferers from this disorder destroys himself in the name of self admiration. Fr D’sa was referring to ‘Shen Sahithy’ a term coined by some Konkani critics some years back who point blankly dismissed the whole Konkani literarature as unworthy.

“Nothing like Shen Sahithy existed in Konkani. It was only a negative comment made by some people without understanding the literature.” Fr D’Sa added.

CGS Taccode, Stany Bela, Stan Ageira, Naveen Kurmbil and Andrew D’Cunha the members of Daiji Dubai who received various awards last year from different institutions were honoured during the occasion.

‘Nach Sobhan’ entertained the audience in between the shows.

Vincy Pinto Angelore and Praveen Tauro compered in the morning session.

Fr Baptist Menezes, MLA J R Lobo. MLC Ivan D’Souza,Henry D’Souza, Meena Rebimbus, Eric Ozario, Herolpius, Gladys Rego, Luvi J Pinto, Dolphy Cascia, Paul Moras, Edwin G F D’Souza, Austin Peris, J F D’Souza and Melwyn Peris were present among others.

Stand-up comedy

In the afternoon session, stand-up comedy ‘Don Ghadi Hason Kaadi’ was unleashed by seasoned artistes Dolla, Eddie Sequeira, Titus Noronha, Walter Nandalike, Dayan D’Souza and Sunita Menezes.

Stand-up comedy is not new to Konkani. But participation of 6 persons in a single programme and that too with live webcast is a new record.

All the artistes showed that they had a flair for comedy in them. ‘Stand-up comedy is not a thing to be taken lightly from now on in Konkani. Guys, take it seriously please,’ was the obvious message.

This was a foundation for Konkani comedians to take light things seriously. The stars who flew from abroad Dayan, Walter and Sunitha and the local stars Dolla, Titus and Eddie simply excelled. Lone lady comedian Sunitha had timing, voice and content.

C G S Taccode compered the stand-up comedy part of the programme, adding his own delightful humour to the event.

Courtesy : Daijiworld