Mangalore, Oct 14: ‘Anns Counselling Centre’ was inaugrated by Stella Lobo, mother of Anna Yvette D’Souza (well known as Anna Bai) here on Sunday October 12,

Fr Antony Serrao Parish Priest Bendore blessed the new councelling centre.

Guest of honour MLA J R Lobo, Corporater Sabitha Misquith and others were also present on the occasion.

The programme began with a prayer song by Jyothi Dsouza, Anne D’Souza welcomed the guests.
Sr carmelitte USF , a professional counselor from Samporna Counselling Centre,Vamanjoor, spoke about the need and meaning of counselling. She said, counselling is a relationship in which the counselor explores the thoughts , feeling and the behaviour pattern of the client, where in the client feels safe, accepted and freested. In this process of counselling takes place. She congratulated Anna Bai for realizing her long dreampt dream and for her healing hands.

Professor Clement Dsouza, A master trainer of NLP,explained the meaning of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and said 90% of the diseases are psychosomatic, treat the cause(thought), treat the Behaviour(diseases) behaviour is not a person, there is a positive intention behind every negative behaviour.

Gladis Rego a close associate of Anna Bai and a famous Konkani writer congragulated Anna Bai for her enturprenship and healing capacity.
Veera Katpidiya, a reebi master said, environment is feel of positive energy which can be utilized in healing the affected parts of your body , using only your bear hands and also the willingness of the person to receive the energy.

Mohandas Baliga, a master trainer in P healing spoke about the cleansing of the mind and body. Sweeping and energizing the energy ponits (chakras)in the body and aligning them, keeps the body , mind health and energized.

Paulos,CEO & founder of Global TV spoke from guest side. He spoke about the existing energy and emphasized the need of positive mind set specially in the family.
Stella peris blessed her daughter Anna ,Praying gods’ blessings upon her healing ministry.

Finally it was Anna Bai, with tears of joy in her eyes, expressed her gratitude to almighty god for making her dream realized. She thanked her parents, husband and children and family members for their support and guidance, specially she remmbered Sannee for his constant support. She thanked all the dignitaries for their contribution and the auidance for their presence.

Grace offered grace before meals. Sr Lidwin compered the ceremony.
Among the guest many were benefited in the healing on the same day.

All psychosomatic problems like phobias,migraine,headaches, unwanted habits like smoking,alcoholic etc can be treated in this also can be given on spoken topics

Courtesy : Daijiworld